Saturday, July 17, 2010

Langlitz Japan

Um, I guess I'm some sort of a "celebrity" in Japan (kidding), but only because I worked @ Langlitz. Ha! Here's a few photos from Lightning Magazine and 2nd Magazine from when they came into Langlitz. They love my tattoos.

I know it's kind of small, but I'm the one in pic #9 if you can't tell....and the caption says that I have 120% commitment to sewing because of my sewing machine tattoo....hahaha!!

Here's a project I did @ Langlitz for a Japanese Customer. It's a Trunk Bag that goes on top of a 1950's Porsche and it's made out of Horsehide. I'm not going to say how much this cost! Japanese customers really take customization and creativity to the next level...I've also made leather aprons and doggy jackets for the owner of Langlitz Japan and they actually look pretty badass!

Here's the Doggy Jacket I made for Taka's (Of Langlitz Japan) beautiful dog!

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